Rebuilding the USS Constellation

Historical Background

Launched in 1854, the USS Constellation was the last sailing man of war designed and built by the US Navy. Unlike the more well known USS Constitution, the Constellation has not been extensively rebuilt over its history; consequently, a far higher percentage of its wooden structure of the vessel is the original, irreplaceable fabric. The wooden hanging knees show original adze marks made during their shaping -- clearly from their form they were once massive, live oak trees.

Prior to its drydocking, the vessel was in very bad condition and in danger of total loss from either through sinking, structural failure or simply through decay. The immediate goals of the hull repair were to restore the vessel's hull strength while retaining as much historic structure as possible. The repaired hull will be the foundation of the complete restoration of the vessel an operational vessel during the US Civil War.

Technical Support

Digitizing the hull

USS Constellation is back at its home berth


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